Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tesco Free From Range

I am sure I mentioned at some point on the blog or on social media about my Migraines and how from a young age the only trigger I could find was either hormonal changes i.e pregnancy or strangely...peanut butter! 

I was very excited to discover a product called Wowbutter about a year ago which is made from Soy Beans and no word of a lie tastes just like peanut butter. It even comes with little stickers for lunchboxes to let schools know there isn't real peanuts inside! 

The sad thing was that until now I could only get this online from Amazon and had to buy in bulk so had 3 big jars sat in the cupboard for months as I tried to get through them. I guess that is OK as they do have a long shelf life but I would love to be able to buy them with my weekly shop...


Tesco now stock WowButter! Eep! 

As part of their great selection of Nut Free products Tesco stock a variety of products from cereals to crisps and of course the delicious Wowbutter. This stuff is great in sandwiches, on toast, in baking and anywhere else you might use regular peanut butter. Emma from The Mini Mes and Me has a fab recipe for Nut Free Chocolate and Wowbutter Fudge

Not only do they have Nut Free products but as part of their lifestyle range they stock tonnes more Free From ranges including gluten, wheat and lactose free foods. 

Ted has tried the lactose free chocolate buttons, I found the flavour a little bit off and it tasted similar to American chocolate with that funny texture too. We also gave the gluten free Free From Cereal's a whirl, I am going to be honest here and say the flavours weren't up to much but if your children have an intolerance and still want to enjoy breakfast cereal's I suppose they have the textures and novelty that kid's cereals have. 

There is a great special offer on the Tesco Free From ranges at the moment Any 4 for 3 Cheapest Product FREE!

Why not try out my Nut Free Chocolate Jazzies

Online Baby Store Review - Babydino

I have recently been trying to sell a few of Ted's old baby bits but seem to really be struggling to find buyers. It's difficult when it comes to baby items as I know understandably people are cautious about where they buy them from, if they are from a smoke free home, if the pram has been in an accident or if it really has only been used a handful of times. 
I have been following an online baby store for some time on social media and adore their website. I have been asked to review their site Babydino.com and give my totally honest opinions. Babydino is one of those great sites that has everything all in one place. The reason I wanted to mention them is that they have a buy back guarantee which means that the buyer (that's us) have the opportunity to sell them back our used prams at any time!
This is great as often we buy our newborns prams that we use for only a few months before A. We get bored or B. Little one grows out of it. Then comes the tricky decision of trying to sell it privately which as I mentioned I am struggling with. 

Ted in his Graco Travel System
So by selling the pram back to Babydino you are getting something for it and don't have to feel like you must just take it to a charity shop or leave it catching dust in the loft!
As well as the Buy it Back scheme they offer a price match promise and no hassle 30 day returns guaranteed which is great with an online store and gives you time to see if things fit or are what you expected. 
When it comes to the brands featured on the site there is a range of around 50 well known brands including Cossatto, Baby Bjorn, Silvercross, The Gro Company and Trunki. I have come across a few new brands on there too 
which look great. Kissy Kissy have some adorable baby clothes and blankets and Celeste and Moon have these super cute nightlights! I love this Dragon one for Ted...

Celeste and Moon Nightlight £23.00

They also sell Happy Hopperz of which Ted has one of at his Nana and Grandad's and loves. Once he learnt to balance on it he was able to use it quite happily and uses his Dinosaur one as a little chair while he watches his cartoons! 
Ted's Blue Happy Hopperz Dinosaur £25.99
I love these little online stores which really are a great way of browsing the market and comparing prices without all the hassle of lugging a baby and all it's 'essentials' along with you. Not to mention Daddy's and siblings!

Our Week in Cornwall!

A few weeks ago we went on our very first proper family holiday! It has taken me a long time to get back in to the swing of things and as I mentioned just after the holiday I was MIA for a little while. I think going on holiday really does take it out of you, knocks the wind from your sails (ooh I love that phrase!)

Now I am back to my old bloggy self I thought I would tell you about all the lovely things we did while we were away.

We had been looking forward to this holiday for a very long time, almost a year in fact. A week away in Cornwall with our best friends Claudy and Dave who happen to be Ted's Godparents and parents to our Goddaughter little Isabella who I am sure you remember from my Mothercare review a few months back! PS...shes cute!

Ted and his Godsister Bella

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Letters to Myself - Dear 5 Year Old Me...

I have been so bogged under with things lately that I feel like it has been a long time since I wrote a personal post. With that in mind here is something I have been wanting to do for some time.
Letters to Myself...

I know my life hasn't been full of hardship but it also hasn't always been easy, growing up we learn things about ourselves that when we look back on we wish we could have predicted back then. Here is the first letter to 5 year old me!

Dear Jade,

5 years old...Wow!  Here is what I know about you/us...by now we have a little sister, Danielle who is 3 years younger and live in Hampshire with Mum and our stepdad Carl. Mum is going to have a baby soon and she will call him Jack. He will be the perfect addition to our family and the start of an amazing future for Mum and Carl (who will be the best father we could ever have wished for).

Me with my baby brother and cousin Gemma
You still visit our sisters Dad at weekends, I know isn't our biological Dad but he is Danielle's and she wants you to be there with her so be strong and don't let anyone there make you feel like you are not wanted. High five for discarding the unwanted mushy peas in a tissue behind the fridge, you will like them when you get older but for now I salute you little one!

You have an exciting person to meet at school soon. He may not seem like much now but Joe, that boy in the other year half to you, the one Mum makes you play with when she visits her friend Wendy, he will one day be the man you are going to marry and Daddy to your little boy! Remember every second with him because one day you won't have many of those memories to look back on.
Me with Joe!
This next bit is important....Please, Please look where you are going as that bump to the head you get from hitting a concrete post really will hurt and there will be lots and lots of blood! Keep away from the boiled potato's at lunch time as the taste is one we will never forget (bleugh) and don't be sad when you have that  little accident in class and have to borrow pants from the teachers cupboard, these things happen.

Soon you will be moving house to Northampton which is where you will grow up and become me! Moving school is scary and you have a big adventure coming as you learn so many new things but you will make friends. The weekend visits to our sisters Dad's won't be fun, you will feel homesick and cry a lot but be strong and as I said before don't let him make you feel any less than the bubbly, creative, caring little girl that you are! Enjoy spending time with your little sister as one day soon you almost lose her and although she will be ok it will be a scary time.

Enjoy your holidays with Nan and Grandad, not to mention all the cousins. You will have fond memories of those caravan holidays and weeks in Butlins.

Me with my little sister (she was very little) and cousins.
But most importantly just enjoy being little, as a grown up we end up worrying so much about little things but must remember to enjoy life and smile every day!

Keep growing and learning and smiling little one,

Catch you soon!

Big Jade


Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday Family Fitness Fun - Cornish Walks and That Changing Room Incident!


With Friday's normally would come Family Fitness Fun but the past few weeks have been so mad that I have struggled to keep up but I am back on the fitness wagon after a break.

The past few weeks have been full of holidays and sickness in out house...yay to holidays boo to poorliness! But other than being unwell we have been quite active as a family. We did lots of walking on holiday in Cornwall which I am yet to blog about, I know! I am so far behind!

With all the hills in Looe and the surrounding towns, not to mention a mountain of a hill to climb in Newquay, I felt my calf muscles throbbing at the end of most days but it was good for me and I feel proud that we embraced days out and didn't take the easy option that we normally do as a family.

Look at that sea...and that hill!
Ted enjoyed lots of swimming while we were away and is growing more confident in the water so last week I decided to take him for a swim at Virgin. As mentioned a few weeks back I have a 3 month trial at our local Virgin Active and sadly haven't been well enough or had the time really to get in the gym but will be going this weekend!

Anyway, Ted's swimming trip was so stressful. I have no idea why as he had napped, wasn't hungry or unwell himself but decided not to co-operate with anything resulting in several tantrums and two bumps to the head! Firstly he ran into a glass door as he didn't see it and then when we got down to the pool he refused to hold my hand and slipped on the tiles. Poor boy really wasn't his usual happy self and I didn't know what to do.

Getting ready for a holiday swim!

We also forgot his nappies so had to borrow one from a lovely lady at reception and I am ashamed to say I forgot my pants and ended up going commando on the way home! I also must mention...I accidentally went into the men's changing rooms and didn't realise until I bumped into a naked old man drying himself off as he said "Ooh I think you are in the men's"...either that or your in the women's buddy!?

After that palaver we have decided that swimming will take place when either Daddy or a grown up helper is there to make the experience less stressful. For the meantime we will be setting up our new paddling pool in the garden!

I haven't had a chance to exercise much lately but I have been eating better. I have had the odd takeaway and naughty treat but eating more veggies and snacking less. I don' tend to eat as much in the summer and when I am feeling a bit unwell I lose my appetite slightly.

Healthy treats in Newquay!

I don't use scales as I get a little obsessed when I do so I have been going off how I feel in clothes and on Wednesday I had a 'skinny day'. It may have been the fact I was wearing black but I felt a lot slimmer than I have in ages and it felt good. Today I feel a little bloated and ache all over from my cold so can't judge if the weight has really been lost but hey, I felt good for a day!

I have some exciting new gym gear to try out this weekend, I know I said in yesterdays post that I would share them with you today but I want to be able to write about them once I have test ran them properly so stay tuned next week for my review of my new Trainers, Trousers and headphones!!!

So that's what we have been doing to stay active as a family...what about you guys?!
Link up below lovelies and remember to share the comment love!
Late For Reality

Thursday, 24 July 2014

4F is back on Friday!

I have totally sucked at keeping up with 4F the past few weeks everyone! We have been on holiday and then catching up after holiday and now we are all recovering from a pretty horrible cold/flu like thing so it has been a bit chaotic.

However tomorrow I will be back on the Family Fitness wagon and what better way to re-start it than with a couple of active reviews! 

I have a review of these gorgeous Nike Trainers and matching Joggers and my favourite new earphones from yurbuds as mentioned in my Fathers Day post a while back! 

If you have a post about what you have been up to with the kids I would love to hear! Perhaps you are on a fitness journey yourself and want to link up your development, that also would be fab! 

Some idea's of activities with the family could be...

A trip to the park
Playing a physical game or sport
Gardening or Housework
Swimming or bowling

Anything that gets those bodies moving and hearts racing goes! Hop over tomorrow night to link up your posts! 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

De-Cluttering the House - Step 1 The Kitchen

We have recently been trying to get a handle on the clutter in our home. Deciding last week to stay in our current 'home' if that's what it can be called in order to save to find a house we can really call our Home Sweet Home has left me feeling a little deflated.

 It was the right decision for us financially as the rental market has skyrocketed recently but this house is too small for us and full of clutter, not to mention the points I raised in my post about my frustrations as a tennant

So with the clutter getting too much we decided to have a clear out and invest in some smarter storage solutions to get us feeling clutter free. I don't know about you but I feel like my life is permanently a cluttered mess and my house is no exception! I must regain control!

With this in mind I dug out some fab new products I was sent to review and set to work armed with my baskets and storage pots to organise my kitchen. 

I am only part of the way there but this is what I have done. 
  • Pulled everything out of the cupboards and laid it out on the kitchen floor (which had been cleaned).
  • Sorted out any out of date items and things that were missing lids or we didn't use anymore.
  • Sorted the food into piles and neatly put it away in the cupboards keeping baking bits on one shelf, tins on another and so on and so forth until everything had its place. Pasta, we had so much of it took up one shelf in itself and rice and snacks got put to one side...I had a plan for these.
  • I then put Ted's bits and bobs (bottles, bowls, plates etc) in a basket in an empty cupboard.
  • Alongside Ted's basket went the plastic tuppaware in its own box and below that were the gadgets, jugs and large items that couldn't fit into boxes.
  • The plates, bowls, glasses and mugs all are kept in a high up cupboard away from little hands and our cutlery and utensils are also in a drawer out of reach.
  • Finally my pots, pans and baking trays all got neatly stacked in another cupboard with any odds and ends on a separate shelf, these include a selection of 70's glass bowls and serving dishes I picked up from Freecycle thinking one day they may come in handy...when retro becomes a style I could embrace in the kitchen...not going to lie I also own Microwave and Freezer Cookbooks from 1973!

I am getting there, I still have the fridge freezer to replace and the under sink cupboard to sort before I feel anywhere near clutter free but I am a darn site better off than I was a few weeks ago. 

Back to the rice and snacks...almost forgot! We have these gorgeous new tubs from OXO and they are the perfect size to keep our copius amounts of rice and treats in. The OXO POP containers are completely air tight with the press of a button, a great place to store biscuits to stop them going stale. I love the space age style buttons and I got very excited about giving them a go.

Tuppawear Storage, Kitchen, OXO, POP, Containers

They look so cool on the counter top which is where they belong, no hiding these bad boys in the back of a cupboard! Although I put rice in my other container it would be perfect for flour to stop any little bugs getting in (I had a nasty experience with weevils a few years back) and the corners make pouring super easy when decanting. 

I may have to pick up a few more of these, although they are a little more than I would spend on tuppaware they would last such a long time as they are so strong and sturdy. 

Prices range from £6 to £16.50. These two are the 3.8L capacity square containers which are £14.50 each.

Next step is to de-clutter the living room and the rest of the house! Wish me luck!

*I was sent the OXO containers for the purpose of an honest review but all opinions are my own