Thursday, 24 April 2014

Laura by Hotter Shoe Review

I have recently been reviewing a gorgeous pair of shoes from Hotter shoes and my feet are in heaven! 

For those of you that have yet to hear about Hotter they are a great shoe brand with a passion for comfort. All their shoes are made to perfection in their factory in Lancashire and they are most definitely made with love and attention to detail.

When choosing my shoes I took a look at the website and although some of the designs in my opinion are better suited to women a bit older than me I did manage to find a few designs I loved including the Mabel and Kate shoes which are really simple designs that will go with most casual outfits but I did have my heart set on a pair of Laura loafers in a rather daring shade of red!

Here are my Red Laura shoes:

Unfortunately there was a slight fault with the red ones and the colour from the fabric ran slightly so the fantastic customer service team arranged for a replacement pair to be sent out. I decided to try the Light Taupe ones this time and I am so pleased I did as they go with everything! 

These shoes are so soft and comfortable, the backs rubbed slightly at first as with most real leather shoes but once worn in they are so nice to wear. They have cushioned insoles which make regular wear really easy and as I struggle wearing flat shoes all day I found these gave me the support I needed. 

The breathable fabric allows air to circulate leaving your feet feeling fresh all day and I found I can wear them without socks which is always nice for the summer. I love the leather laces too!

The Laura design comes in 4 different colours. Red and Light Taupe (as above), Cyan and Dark Aqua all with the Tan base colour. I secretly want a pair in every colour! 

These shoes are a little on the higher budget for me when it comes to shoes at £65.00 RRP but I really think it makes more sense to buy high quality shoes rather than lots of pairs of cheap shoes that won't do your feet any good and may fall apart after 5 minutes! 

I love Hotter and can't wait for the summer so that I can wear my Laura's every day!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Cornflake Easter Nest Recipe and Review

I have been doing a bit of cooking this week...well not sure this recipe could be classed as cooking as it is so easy and doesn't even involve the oven! A perfect simple recipe to make with the kids this weekend. Chocolate Cornflake Nests!

We were sent some equipment from the lovely people at Salter to help make these scrummy Easter treats.

I only had 1 100g bar of chocolate in the house for this recipe so adjusted the ingredients accordingly, that's why the pictures have different weights on but here is the full recipe!

Weigh the ingredients using the Salter GEO Electronic Scale (£35 available from John Lewis). The handy 'Add & Weigh' function means you can measure all the ingredients in one bowl. This is hard to see in my pictures as the butter was under the chocolate.
225g/8oz plain chocolate, broken into pieces
2 tbsp golden syrup
50g/2oz butter
75g/3oz cornflakes
36 mini chocolate eggs or Jelly Beans (I used these as I didn't have Mini Eggs and they look     like Dragons Eggs!)

How to make Cornflake Easter Nests!
  • Line a 12-hole fairy cake tin with paper cases, I had some Kung Fu Panda ones but any will do!
  • Melt the chocolate, golden syrup and butter in a bowl set over a pan of gently simmering water. Do not let the base of the bowl touch the water. (I may have skipped this process and done it in the saucepan on a low heat *slaps wrist*)
  • Stir the mixture until smooth with a Heston Blumenthal Precision Multipurpose Spatulas by Salter (£17.99 available from They are made from Silicon so they won’t crush the cornflakes!
  • Remove the bowl from the heat and gently stir in the cornflakes until all of the cereal is coated in the chocolate. I used the spatula again for this.
  • Divide the mixture between the paper cases and press 3 chocolate eggs/jelly beans into the centre of each nest.
  • Chill in the fridge for 1 hour, or until completely set. Time it using the Salter Contour Electronic Timer (£8.99 available from to ensure they’re chilled to perfection.
  • Eat!!

I loved using the Salter products for this recipe. The scales are fantastic and very modern looking, I found it so easy to weigh out my ingredients and saved on washing up by using one bowl! The spatula's are super flexible and allowed me to get the chocolate out of all the nooks and crannys. I will definitely be using the timer on a regular basis as we have boiled eggs quite often and they need to be timed just right for dippy eggs!

*this post was written in collaboration with Salter for the purpose of an honest review. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Crackin Deals - Live Egg Hatching!!

I love a good competition don't you? Seasonal competitions are so popular at the moment with lots of brands offering chances to win some fantastic prizes. have a really fun promotion running at the moment called Crackin Deals which features 6 eggs hatching live on camera. Once each egg hatches the little chick will present a surprise of an eggstra special deal!

You must hurry to take advantage of these deals which include 15% off flights and 20 FREE holidays as they are only open for 24 hours after the egg has hatched! 

You can then enter the prize draw to win a 7 Night Holiday so even if you miss a deal you will be in with a chance of winning!

This idea is adorable and the chicks are sent to The Rainbow Egg Company once hatched to live a happy life with all their brothers and sisters. I love chicks so am very excited about watching them hatch out on my screen!

"Once hatched, our chicks will be given food and water off camera and fluffing up in the incubator, before winging their way back home to The Rainbow Egg Company where they will grow up to become next Easter's mother hens."

Click this link to see the baby chicks and for your chance to win! - Crackin Deals

Good Luck!

Me holding a baby chick at the Gardeners World Show 

*this post was written in collaboration with

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Keep Calm and Just Keep Swimming!!!

Yesterday we went swimming. Me, Ted, Claudy (Teds Godmother) and Bella (My Goddaughter)...keeping up? :)

I was so excited about taking the little ones swimming, I got a new swimming costume and everything but my experience was far from what I was expecting. 

We arrived at the pool bags in tow, very few bags actually as I managed to pack light, to find we had a huuuuuuge queue to wait in as it had just opened. 

Ted didn't want to queue...

Ted wanted to do a runner...

Several times...

In a minute...

By the time we were ready to get changed into our cossies I was drained! It really didn't stop there. The pool had a total lack of baby facilities. A few changing tables in the corridor and one tiny family changing room which was a bit grubby and nowhere to confine a curious toddler whose only aim in life is to find the exit and make his way through it.

I remember going to a few pools in the past that had playpens and little seats with straps to trap protect your child while you get changed yourself. Wet costumes are hard enough to get out of without having to stop your child from escaping under the door at the same time!

I do the usual trick of popping my costume on under my clothes ready to whip my clothes off pre-swim with less hassle. A tip that my friend Kate at Family Fever suggested could make life easier but It wasn't the changing that was the issue it was keeping Ted in one place to get changed. 

Ted tried out his new Little Swimmers nappies from Huggies which put my mind at ease in case of any unwanted mishaps in the pool (relieved to say they worked really well!). The elasticated side panels meant no faffing about with sticky tabs and I was able to just pull them straight up. We found they really didn't soak up any of the pool water and Ted's comforter is Finding Nemo so he loved having Nemo on his pants!

We had a nice swim once we managed to find A. a locker that worked and B. a locker key that worked after that decided to break too! Ted loved the pool but refuses to let me carry him so I will definitely need to find a new rubber ring or armbands for the next trip, as he has outgrown his baby seat. He enjoyed standing on the side then jumping in to my arms and there were lots of giggles from onlookers as he tested the water with his foot before jumping! 

Once we left the pool the chaos started again. Wrapped in his Cuddlemoo towel I carried him in to the changing room with me where he stood and had his juice while I got changed. Then the juice...ran...out...MELTDOWN!!!

My little boy turned into a raving lunatic, refusing to stand still or let me hold him! I managed to get him dressed but he was mid-tantrum by that point and his bottle was flung across the changing rooms, as I bent down to pick it up I turned my back....

"Wheres Ted?" 

My friend was getting Bella changed and we both looked away for what could only have been seconds and he was gone. I called his name and rushed around the changing rooms, I heard someone shout "he's here!" and walked around the corner to find Ted standing poolside with shouting at a lady who was trying to stop him running into the pool fully dressed! 

I thanked the lady, apologised (why do we do that?) and strapped his reigns on to prevent further mishaps. We left the pool and I got him into his buggy....the screaming stopped instantaneously and the tantrum was over. A few grizzles while we had a coffee but I had my normal child back! 

I felt totally exhausted and all from what should have been a lovely day out! 

Here are some tips from my fellow bloggers to make life a bit easier although I think the best one I had was from Rebecca at Mum of a Premature Baby who takes her other half with her and lets him get little man sorted! Joe will definitely be joining us more often!

If you can have a towel in the pool area do so - you can wipe away water from little faces to prevent tears and tantrums with ease! - Emma at The Mini Mes and Me

My 3 love those little water squirters - fill them before you get out and let him play with them in the changing room - you might get a bit damp, but it's worth it to get dressed in peace lol! - Another one from Kate at Family Fever

For More expert advice for keeping your children safe at the pool and some great blogger reviews visit the Little Swimmers website

Easter Gifts - Supermarket Round-up!

You all know I am a big fan of supermarket products and they are also really great places to find seasonal goods!

Easter is no exception and the standard of treats are fantastic!

Sainsbury's is a store that I shop in just for treats. It is a little out of our price range for every day food shops but they have some really good quality non-chocolate gifts for little ones.

  • Make Your Own Chick Decoration, a quick and easy craft to keep the children occupied over the holidays.
  • Easter Mug (I love this!)
  • Easter Bubble Wand - blows lots of big bubbles!
  • Bunny Ears - Standard necessity for any fancy dress box.
  • Straw Trilby (modeled by me below!) which could be decorated as an Easter bonnet!

We were also sent a pack of Easter craft supplies which had beautifully adorned Ted's lunches this week! I love being able to create exciting Bento style lunches with themes like this.

We were also sent some supplies from Asda which are really reasonably priced with many being just £1! A particular favourite of mine is the Egg on Toast which makes a welcomed change to a normal Easter Egg.

Also included below are:
  • Plastic Eggs, perfect for filling with sweets for an egg hunt
  • Fluffy Bunny Ears, slightly smaller than the Sainsbury's ones and a perfect addition to any bunny outfit.
  • Marshmallow Chicks, these are sweet in both senses of the word.
  • Easter Bunting, great for any get togethers over the bank holiday.
  • and finally a super fluffy snuggly jumper with a bunny on from the G21 George range. It's not really something I would wear but it will suit my little sister perfectly.

We also popped in to Tesco and Aldi this week who have also gone a bit bonkers for the Easter Bunny. I got some gorgeous fluffy lambs for £1 in Tesco and a bag of Easter coins with chicks on from Aldi which also feature in Ted's bento lunches!

We are having so much fun with all of our Easter goodies and are off to visit friends tomorrow to share some chocolate and enjoy the sunshine...fingers crossed it stays out!!

Why not snap up some last minute Easter treats with your food shop?!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Disney at Asda!

Everyone loves a bit of Disney don't they?

It used to be that getting your hands on Disney merchandise was confined to either visiting Disneyland (an expensive trip for a pencil case) or in the Disney Store. 

Since our local Disney Store has closed I have had to travel over to Milton Keynes just to get my Disney fix but with supermarkets now selling a whole host of Disney products we can get our hands on our favourite characters while doing the weekly shop!

Asda have a great range of Disney toys, gifts, clothing and DVD's at fantastic prices. The Asda Disney Kids Easter Event is now on with all of your child's favourite characters from Jake and the Neverland Pirates to Sofia the First!

Ted was sent a selection to share with you including a snuggly Mickey and Pluto from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for just £5 each along with a Minnie Mouse bowl £1 and cutlery set for £2. Although it has Minnie on this set is far from girlie unlike most of the Minnie Mouse ranges so works well for girls or boys. 

We also got a copy of Wreck it Ralph which I absolutely love! We watched this movie when it first was released and I stated that it just has to go in Ted's movie collection when he is bigger so I was excited that we have been able to pop it in the DVD cabinet. A great family movie and with Disney DVD's being 2 for £13 I may be able to add more to the collection!

I love the pop up Disney Stores in the large Asda supermarkets, they have colouring area's to keep the kids occupied while your fill your trolleys with great deals and the Disney George clothing is beautiful! I especially like this Mickey Mouse hooded towel for just £6!

Visit or pop in to your local store to see all the latest offers!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I'm off to The Baby Show! *INCLUDES DISCOUNT CODE!

Last year I attended my very first baby exhibition. The Baby Show in London Olympia was fantastic, I was invited along by the wonderful OXO who I have reviewed for a few times. I was able to meet the Cuddledry team who I am a Super Blogger for and lots of other brilliant companies along the way! 

Here I am enjoying a rest at the Stokke stand, the giant furniture was so much fun.

I am very excited to have received press passes for The Baby Show Birmingham on 16th May where I am meeting up with some more great brands and some of my blogging friends. It is such a great opportunity to network and shop for some new bits for Ted while I am there. 

I am taking my friend along as last time we went she was heavily pregnant and had been confined to a wheelchair, we also dragged the Dads along who really didn't embrace the experience so this time its Mummy and Babies day and we are very excited!

Look its Inventor Tom!

I have a little treat for you all too, here is a special code to get your very own tickets for the day at a reduced price of £11.95 (Normal price £20)

Just click here and enter the code BLOG to redeem your discount!

See you there!